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CAST: Brigitte Dubois, Cleo Nichole


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Long blonde hair, tanned skin, pleading eyes, muffled! This new Close-Up Extravaganza video features curvy Cleo and leggy Brigitte in five scenes, bound together every time. Sitting back to back on a wingback chair, both ladies sport white lingerie that contrasts nicely with their tawny skin. Facing each other, wearing only tiny thongs, high heels and ballgags, they create a pleasing mirror effect. For a side by side, spread-legged tie, both Cleo and Brigitte are completely nude and barefoot. Next we find them sitting back to back on a little bench. Struggling against each other only succeeds in causing their skimpy lace outfits to slip off. Finally, our sexy blondes are unusually bound, side by side on a table. For this ultra-erotic scene they wear only fetishy red bras, red ballgags, and high, high heels! Experience the ultimate fantasy...two hot, sexy blondes, bound together and ready to please!