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CAST: Ginger (ravenesse),Jungle Jim,Kitty


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

What could be sexier than two pretty submissive girls, bound, gagged, fondled and petted by their loving master? For five scenes Jungle Jim keeps Ginger (aka Ravenesse) and Kitty firmly under control, while stroking and soothing their bound bodies. The ladies are almost always bound together in some fashion. They start out dressed in matching fetish attire, then their outfits get scantier and skimpier -- until the last scene when they are hogtied fully nude and barefoot! The variety of gags here is great - ballgags, ring gags, bit gags, and tape. The bondage varies from rope to leather straps, to stretchy, colorful stockings. In each scene we watch the ladies struggle alone, waiting for their master. When Jim enters, he toys with their bodies for his own (and their) amusement. Jim's aggressively sexual style and Kitty and Ginger's obvious enjoyment of his ministrations and their own vulnerability make this one arousing video!