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CAST: Abby Nash


RELEASE DATE: 9/15/2018

Abby Nash is in chains and watching an old movie on TV. In the movie the heroine gets tied up by this phantom who only appears when she plays a certain piece of music. Abby remembers she owns this very song on tape, and pops it into the player. Suddenly she's grabbed from behind and tied to a post -- the same position as in the movie! She loosens some of the ropes, but just when she thinks she's free, that music starts up again and she winds up tied to a bed frame. Again she starts to escape, but there's that song again, and now she's in a position she can't get out of. Will she escape the bondage phantom? In the second story Abby is trying to get ready for a trip to Chicago to model for Mark Mar, but she's also got to try out some bondages for another video. She binds herself to the chair and gags herself. Once bound, her thoughts wander and we see her bondage fantasies. Her first set of fantasies are about bondage games with her lover. She's leather-strapped from head to toe, double hand and ankle cuffed, bound straddling a bondage horse, and spread out on the bed. The next fantasy involves an intruder with a gun who ties her again and again. He even chloroforms her twice when she struggles too much. Now Abby's a bondage model at a video shoot. She's bound to a post, but gets herself free. . .and is promptly re-caught. She wants a quick smoke, but is permitted to only if she dons handcuffs first. She is bound into another modified fold-position. In her last fantasy she's chairbound. Her captor stuffs a leather tab gag into her mouth. Her struggles bring her back to present day, where she's still tied to the desk chair, and now she's bound herself so well that she's going to miss her fight! This video was made in the 1980's. Video quality may not be up to current standards.