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CAST: Belle,Frankie B,Lucy Zara,Sam,Sammie B

DIRECTOR: Jimmy Durango,Johnny Durango

RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

Attractive, unsuspecting British women are kidnapped, chloroformed by a creepy guy and kept in various bound states throughout his estate. It's all very well captured, with a dreary, dismal, heavy feeling in the air (and we mean that in a good way) and accompanying disconcerting music.
The girls are attractive across the board, and their tight, beautiful bodies look particularly lovely stretched across sawhorses or strung from the ceiling. Their struggles and terror are quite convincing, making this an excellent choice for those who take their kidnapping fantasies seriously.
br>The kidnapper's collection of their saliva is particularly unsettling and effective.
Pre-nom: Best Specialty Release - Bondage.
Retailing: For hardcore bondage fans.An evil man is on the loose in the English countryside and five unfortunate women manage to fall into his clutches. Beautiful, but unwisely traveling on their own, these innocent victims are each rendered unconscious, taken prisoner, tied up, stripped down, gagged, hooded and manhandled.
One is knocked out and stashed in the car’s boot when she stops to speak to a motorist on a lonely road. One has auto trouble and wanders off looking for help in all the wrong places. One is even foolish enough to hitchhike a ride from a total tranger!
Once he has his lovely prizes back on the grounds of his deserted farmhouse, their cruel captor proceeds to have his way with them.
He ties one to a gnarled tree and leaves her to suffer.
One is bound on a bare mattress in nothing but a slinky shear catsuit…which is promptly snipped off of her body with scissors.
Perhaps the strangest bit of all is that he collects the drool that falls from between their gagged lips in creepy little glass vials. (He has so many of these vials stashed away in his storeroom that we can’t even imagine how many poor women he has done this to!)
We get to see some of the binding and ALL of the manhandling on camera. Our damsels-in-distress whimper fearfully as they plead with her eyes for release. The wardrobe ranges from sexy streetwear to full nudity and bare feet…and the women are British so you know they’re gorgeous!
Fans of Damsel-in-Distress bondage, the Durango Brothers have created this video just for you!