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CAST: Sabrina Mills,Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sabrina has been on her feet all day -- working as a product hostess during a business convention -- and she's exhausted by the time she finally gets home. All she wants now is some rest and relaxation but Sabrina is a bit different from most girls. Her favorite form of relaxation therapy comes at the hand of her boyfriend, Jay Edwards, and his superb skills with ropes and gags! And just because she's been standing around in those high heels all day, don't think Jay will go easy on her -- her first bondage is a standing position! Sabrina is one of Jay's toughest models, and this video is no exception -- and it's perhaps her most demanding role yet. She endures super-tight ropes, fat gags and face-wrapping, cruel nipple clamps, and strictly hoisted crotchropes during her long weekend. Ah, sweet relief! Following the story are four scenes of sexy Stacy Burke. She starts off in a leopard bikini, but soon ends up topless, then nude. The bondage here is ultra-tight, unforgiving, and Stacy is barefoot throughout!Includes previews of JEV-114.