Unrestrained Ambition

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CAST: Kelly O`Dell,Summer Knight


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"UNRESTRAINED AMBITION"60 MinutesBlonde bombshell Kelly O'Dell takes advantage of our sweet heroine Summer Knight by forcibly tying her to her chair, then cutting off Summer's own bra and gagging her with it! What's Kelly's motivation? It's hard to tell, but she knows that Summer is an easy target, since her girlfriend Star is out of town. Once Summer's securely restrained, Kelly spirits her home, preparing for more fun and games. Summer's not such an easy catch, though, and soon she turns the tables on evil Kelly, gagging her with panties. But with Summer, bondage is more erotic than evil, so she takes her time with Kelly, bestowing lingering caresses and gagged kisses. Kelly finds herself seduced by Summer's sexual advances, and soon spills her whole sordid tale of bad love and revenge. When peril turns to lust, Summer and Kelly really shine. Rolling around on the floor, the nearly naked duo takes turns tying each other. Their attraction shines through, and the bondage foreplay gets hot as they can't keep their hands off of each others bodies!