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CAST: Autumn Woods, Sabrina Stone

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2019

Who is the "Break-In Bondager"? An evil man with a video camera has been entering the homes of unsuspecting young women while they sleep. He ties them, gags them, undresses them and paws at them mercilessly, completely oblivious to their pitiful cries and whimpers. And to make matters worse, he videotapes the whole thing! Police have found some of his tapes and hope that sharing them with you, the public, will help them catch this mysterious evil-doer. shows what happened to poor Autumn Woods. She was taking an afternoon catnap on the sofa when the Break-In Bondager struck. First he tied her in her pajamas but soon he had her completely nude and barefoot, his hands groping her helpless flesh! Strangely, as soon as he's completely humiliated her and broken her will to struggle, he flees her house. In Story Two we see that innocent Sabrina Stone has nodded off while watching TV in bed. The Break-In Bondager strikes again, binding her and manhandling her defenseless body, undressing her at his will. And once again, as soon as he has her totally overcome he beats a hasty retreat. Will you help police catch this nefarious criminal?