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CAST: Austin Kincaid, Charlotte Stokely, Dante Belmont, Mary Jane (aka Mary Jane Green), Mika Tan

DIRECTOR: Jimmy Durango, Johnny Durango

RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

A monster haunts the shadowy lanes of this village…
Just in time for Halloween, Close-Up Entertainment is proud to bring you a captivating tale of bondage and bloodlust! Have you ever wondered what the classic silent film “Nosferatu Le Vampire” would be like if the lovely femme fatales stripped off their knickers, stroked their pretty pussies and got tied up before they’re bitten? Vampire Bordello is a full-fledged period piece with foggy, cobblestone streets, corsets and bustles, Asian opium dens, and a villainous bloodsucker (Dante Belmont) whose craving for bondage is as strong as his bloodlust!
We watch breathlessly as an innocent beauty (Charlotte Stokely) is taken from her bed in the middle of the night and methodically transformed into a vampish vixen. Along the way, we meet an upper-class lady (Mary Jane) with a burning lust of her own, the exotic brothel madame (Mika Tan) who helps her quench it, and a brassy, busty streetwalker (Austin Kincaid) who will be sacrificed to provide our twisted virgin’s first real feast of the bodily humour.
Alas, this cruel fiend’s thirst is not slaked by blood alone. His twisted psyche demands that his victims also endure wickedly intricate bondage and thick gags that render their gasping mouths useless. Imagine the horror…beautiful women strictly bound, unable to resist as the heartless vampire drains away their very lifeblood!
Produced and directed by the Durango Brothers, this beautiful period piece features bondage rigging by Puck, makeup and wardrobe design by Nico Spitz, and a completely original musical score by Baron Von Sin.
Treat yourself to a terrifyingly sexy All Hallow's Eve with this amazing DVD!