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CAST: Cassidy,Eve Ellis,Genny,Sabrina Mills

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Elfin cutie Sabrina Mills always enjoys her bondage modeling sessions with Jay Edwards, but lately she's been yearning for something beyond rope. Jay can't have one of his best models bored, so he ups the bondage quotient in spades!
Soon Sabrina's petite frame is bound in all manner of out-of-the-ordinary bindings. Strict leather straps wrap tightly around her feminine curves. Unforgiving black electrical cord squeezes Sabrina's soft flesh in a most unmerciful manner. Black rubber strips create super-tight elbow encasement and the rubber panel-gag is practically molded to her face. Metal chain wrapped firmly around her arms and torso have Sabrina wondering if she was foolish to test her master's creativity, but surely the most impressive scene of all involves Jay locking Sabrina into a series of aluminum hose clamps! Even her ballgag is on a metal strap and screwed down tightly between her trembling lips!
Next up we find beautiful Eve Ellis in three incredibly difficult strappado variations that put intense stress on her shoulders and elbows. The gorgeous redhead endures her predicament as only she can!
Blonde Cassidy kneels in rope as Jay clamps the pert peaks of her tiny breasts and strokes her trembling flesh.
Dark-haired Genny finds herself in a tough knee-point bondage with no possibility of escape...or relief!
Unusual, difficult bondages on terrific models make this one amazing video! (Includes a full preview of JEV-108.)