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CAST: Brandy (aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 7/2/2017

There's no plot here, just two people playing out a fetish-fantasy. Bryan leads "french maid" Brandy in and padlocks her collar to the ceiling. Steel cuffs and padlocks keep her arms and wrists immobile as he manhandles her tits and ass. He adds leather straps around her knees and ankles to further restrict her movement. Next we find Brandy all alone, sitting cross-legged on the floor. Heavy chain binds her ankles and wrists. She wears no gag as she struggles with the chains and locks. "Please don't!" she cries as Bryan handles her breasts. He forces a ring-gag between her lips and clamps her nipples. We get good close-ups of drool covering her chin and dripping onto her tits. Face down on the floor, Brandy can only struggle as Bryan straps her into a strict, semi-suspended hogtie. He runs a rope from the top strap of her blindfold/mask gag to keep her head up and back.An extreme waist-bender over a bondage frame really tests Brandy's strength and flexibility. Her head and shoulders swing backward, completely unsupported! Next the amazing blonde is arched over a semi-circular frame. A harness gag adorns her pretty face, and we see tight close-ups of her crotchrope. Brandy whimpers as Bryan forces a big black gag into her mouth and ties her ankles onscreen. He wields his riding crop on her hips and lassos her poor nipples with thin cord. Forcing her to her knees, Bryan ties Brandy into a kneeling strappado position so strict that even this spitfire can't move a muscle!