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CAST: Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan is tired of his girlfriend's refusal to play bondage games with him, so he binds, gags, and torments her against her will! At first lovely Eve is strictly bound and leashed with rope, but soon Master Bryan switches to leather straps, binders, blindfolds and hoods to secure her. A leather single-sleeve keeps her arms pinned as he straps her vulnerable body this way and that. He takes her panties off of her and runs a leash from her neck back up between her thighs! An unusual leather arm/chest binder is set off nicely by a harness-ring gag. As Eve's predicament worsens, her gags get more restrictive - with varying partial and full hoods that also blindfold her. She ends up in a full leather hood, leather hand-mitts, chain, cuffs, and not much else! We close on Bryan leaving her on the garage floor to try to get some rest before he starts in on her again! PLEASE NOTE: audio problems have caused a bit of crackle-type background noise which may be distracting.