Well Heeled Ladies

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CAST: C.J. Bennet,Connie Myers,Devin Casey,Elise Di Medici (aka Desi Deangelo),Krista Maze,Kristen Gilmour,Linda Lopez,Linda Lopez,Rikki Parker,Summer Knight


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When Devin Casey and kristen Gilmour brought the same black, rhinestone-studded dress to a video shoot, we couldn't resist dressing them alike Devin in shiny black pumps and Kristen in strappy black platform shoes) with matching duct- tape on their wrists, knees, ankles and mouths for this sensual scene. Lovely Elise di Medici rolls seductively in a cross-ankle hogtie, scarf-gagged and corsetted with high-heels (of course! ). Obedient Krista Maze is as flexible as she is compliant. We see her tape-gagged and elaborately tied (on-screen) into a "John Savage-fold" position, then turned over onto her back. A desperate intruder leaves high-heeled trio Rikki Parker, C.J. Bennett and Connie Myers roped and gagged after he confronts them in their clothing store. Receptionist Summer knight talks to the camera as she playfully binds herself with handcuffs, leather straps and locks (on-screen) then buckles on a bit-gag, all the while showing off her black spiked heels. Latin lovely Linda Lopez is an adorable couch-tomato, flirting with the camera while securely roped and cleave-gagged, dressed in a red miniskirt white bustier and heels. (NOTE: Music was added to Elise and Krista scenes at the expense of live sound.)