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CAST: Dee Casey


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

From uniforms to lingerie to streetwear, Dee Casey gets in the bonds for this double feature: WHAT A JOB and SPY STUFF. WHAT A JOB -- Dee hears of a great-paying position; for her interview, she dresses up smartly in a blue suit and red pumps. She's hired on the spot -- to test the products of a restraint-manufacturing company. Her first day on the job is outdoors, roped and handcuffed to trees. She encounters a variety of bizarre leather gags, and wriggles from one uncomfortable position to another. There's a great variety of positions and Dee is your classically appealing girl-next-door type. Dee will get a bonus if she manages to find a product flaw and get herself free… but will that happen? SPY STUFF -- Dee's looking quite serious in uniform! Her assignment is to allow herself to be kidnapped, for the purpose of a sting operation. A dedicated worker, she soon finds herself tightly bound and gagged. Spices: post tie, tape-gag, handcuffs, on-screen tying by male hands, forced to strip to her lingerie, hogtie in heels, bent-over position, bit-gag. Amateur videography and editing. This classic was shot in the 1980s, so the visual quality is not parallel to today's standards -- the value here is in the content! Shot on videotape in 1993.