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CAST: Dorothy Laine,Tim Woodman


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The sexual chemistry between this real-life fetish couple is intense! In the first story Dorothy and Tim are chatting in the car after a lunch date, but before she knows what's going on he has a white cloth over her face and she's choking on fumes! After carrying her limp form into the house and stripping off her clothes he binds her nude body and paws her lustily!Next, Dorothy is housewife and Tim is the grocery delivery guy. She has no idea he's about to slip her the cloth, knock her out cold and bind her unconscious body to a chair! Story three has Tim as the evil door-to-door perfume salesman. As Dorothy tries to get rid of him he hands her sample after sample to sniff - finally pressing a strange brown bottle under her nose and forcing her to breathe deeply! He then straps her into a nude frogtie and manipulates her vulnerable flesh.The last scene is a bit different; Dorothy is asleep in bed when Tim's hand clamps over her shocked face. She soon ends up tied almost spreadeagle to the bed. Her right hand is tied close to her face and strapped to her wrist is a strange medical device. As Tim explains, the device is called a "Duke University Inhaler" and is filled with anesthetic. Dorothy is terribly ticklish, (she can barely stand it), and Tim is going to tickle her mercilessly -- but she has the option to knock herself out with the device around her wrist! Will she sniff the anesthetic and render herself completely defenseless just to escape tickle-torture? (Of course she will!)