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CAST: Caroline Pierce,Darla Crane,Stacy Burke,Tanya Danielle

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Ever since Darla's first "What A Knockout!" video folks have been asking us to create a knockout/bondage production with an all-girl cast. Well, here it is! In eight mini-stories the ladies demonstrate five different types of knockouts, followed up with lots of bondage and fondling. Tanya and Stacy are each chloroformed once and Caroline gets the cloth twice! Stacy puts Tanya down with a sleeper-hold, Tanya gets Stacy super-drunk on vodka shots and poor Caroline has a drug poured in her drink and a bottle of toxic fluid held under her nose! Once the gals are passed-out they are completely vulnerable to the roaming hands of their captors. Their clothes are removed, they're tied up and their bodies pawed. After knocking Caroline out with noxious fumes, Darla strips the suit, pantyhose and heels off her limp body and then wakes her back up -- with a buzzing vibrator on her pussy! Don't miss out on this guaranteed best-seller!