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CAST: Heather,Stacy Burke

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

What's a guy to do when he has a beautiful girl all tied up and completely at his disposal? All seems normal when Jay pulls his car into his driveway but when he opens the trunk, we see that Heather is in there, all roped up and gagged! Jay carries his tied treasure into the house and fun begins. He starts by pulling up Heather's skirt and top to examine the goods, then he ties her into a strict strappado/fold to keep her helpless. Re-tied on the floor, the curvaceous brunette is now sexily stripped down to just her stockings and high heels -- the attire she stays in for the rest of her scenes. Jay does not go easy on Heather, he takes her right up to her limits, suspending her legs, pinching and clamping her nipples and whipping her soft flesh. Obedient Heather submits with moans and gasps of pleasure, even when he moves her session to the cold basement dungeon. Heather is one amazing submissive! Super-hot Stacy Burke is up next for three fully nude and barefoot scenes that will leave you panting! Tied to the slave chair, Stacy can only whimper and squirm as Jay tightly cleaves her lips with cloth and suspends her nipple clamps to the ceiling. A tight rope-up on the floor is turned (on camera) into a severe hogtie with Stacy's toes tied forward to her harness gag, then the little blonde must sit still as Jay bolts metal hose-clamp straps all over her body. He even bolts on her ballgag! Includes previews of JEV-137.