When Kumi Met Julie

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CAST: Julie Simone,Kumi Monster


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Fall in Love with International Latex Queen Kumi! "When Kumi Met Julie'8 Intimate & Atmospheric Scenes Lovely, Moody Background MusicFascinating Japanese Ties By Julie Simone.Starring Kumi & Julie SimoneYou are the Camera--a sense of your being right there in the hidden rooms with Kumi, just you and she locked away together where no onecan find you, and she seems so absolutely adore the gorgeous and utterly inescapable bondage you've masterfully fashioned onto her.GREAT BONDAGES!When Kumi met Julie she knew she would end up in her ropes soon enough. International performer and Latex Queen Kumi showcases some fabulous latex outfits, vintage stockings, corsets, and stilletto heels while writing around in strict, yet beautiful bondage courtesy of Julie Simone. Music by Jillian Ann and Jason "Weja" Singleton. Directed by Julie Simone.