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CAST: Whitney Prescott

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

Whitney once told us that she had never in her career turned down a bondage position or situation. Well, she certainly proves that great attitude here! We open on Bryan forcing Whitney's mouth around a stationary wooden pear gag set so high that she must stand on her tiptoes - not an easy task when any wobble at all will cause painful tugs on the nipple clamps also secured in front of her. It's a nice way to start a video that feature adorable Whitney tied every which way, totally nude and barefoot. The toughest position (judging by her pants and moans) is a hogtie variation in which Whitney's upper body is semi-suspended from her pulled-back elbows. Wow! And for you lovers on on-screen tying, in the final scene Bryan not only ropes Whitney's head to a heavy horizontal post, but also frog-ties and spreads her legs -- all while the camera is rolling!