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CAST: Carolyn Monroe,Darla Crane,Ikaras Jones,Jon Woods (Aka Leonard Ayresteel),Oak O`Kork,Tanya Danielle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Who IS Darla Crane?
Yes, she's one of the most popular models ever to struggle in ropes. We get letters almost every day telling us that it was seeing Darla bound that first sparked their interest in bondage.
But this is another story.
In this fully-plotted video, Darla plays Harmony's answer to the beautiful, mysterious women of history; we're talking Mata Hari channeled through Bettie Page.
Yes, you read that right! This production is a winding story full of intrigue and question marks. Starring alongside Darla are busty bondage mega-stars Tanya Danielle and Carolyn Monroe and all three ladies get to show off their acting chops with Oak O'Kork's trippy, tongue-in-cheek script.
Who are the bad guys and who are the innocent? And just what are they all after?
With Jon Woods, Ikaras and Oak himself in badguy/binder supporting roles, this production has consistently been one of Harmony's best-sellers, digitally...and now you can get it here at Close-Up in actual ntsc or pal videotape format.
Who is Darla Crane? Come on...we know you want to find out!