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CAST: Lisa Tyler,Sharon Engert

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay Edwards has his way with two innocent women!
We open on Jay carrying voluptuous blonde Sharon into a deserted old factory. She's already bound and she is NOT happy, whimpering and moaning as Jay roughly toys with her helpless body. He immediately goes to work on her, subjecting her to some incredibly tight bondage and an even tighter corset -- which he laces her into on camera. He even bends her over and whips her upturned ass! When Jay forces a buzzing vibrator between her spread thighs, Sharon begs futilely for release...but he has other plans. He takes her back to his home and ties her up there as well! Whatever will become of her?
Next up is newcomer Lisa Tyler, a petite brunette with a fiery attitude. As Jay drags her into the old factory, she kicks and struggles for all she's worth. She's no match for him, though, and soon he's stripping off her clothes and fondling her bared flesh. The bondages and disciplines Jay puts her through are TOUGH but she comes through like a champ!
Includes previews of JEV124