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CAST: Loren Chance, Abby Cameron, Sin

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

When Loren Chance turns up on Alexis Taylor's doorstep asking to use the phone to call a tow truck for her broken down car, Alexis is hesitant to let her in. Loren is quite pushy, though, and Alexis eventually relents, just to get rid of the pest. Before Alexis can show her the phone, (and where IS that phone, Alexis?) Loren conks her on the head and Alexis falls unconscious!
When Alexis awakens, she finds herself tied up and gagged. Loren soon returns to explain that she has been hired by her buddy "Vinnie" to "put a little pressure" on the gal who owns this house. Vinnie wants to tear the place down and build a parking lot but the owner won't budge so Loren intends to make Alexis' life miserable until she agrees to get out.
Busty Alexis eventually manages to slip out of Loren's ropework and gets the drop on her attacker. Now it is Loren's turn to feel the rope bite into her skin! Alexis explains that she isn't the owner of the house and that she too has been hired by Vinnie to put the squeeze on the owner. Okay, what's the real story here? And what will happen to these two wisegals when Vinnie shows up with a gun?
After the story we're treated to five sexy scenes of gorgeous and exotic newcomer, Sin! This petite Japanese beauty has been tied up in her personal life but never for a bondage video. You'd never know it to look at her, though, as she struggles, squirms and moans like a pro. In costumes ranging form fetishy corsets and six-inch heels to sexy secretarial attire to cotton undies, ankle socks and white Keds sneakers, she will steal your heart away!