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CAST: Solé Micheaux


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

There's no plot here, just five scenes of red-haired spitfire Solé Michaux struggling heartily in plastic wrap and duct tape bondage!
First Solé struggles mightily against leg bindings and a mini straitjacket comrised entirely of silver duct tape.
Next she's totally immobilized and fully-suspended, wrapped with clear plastic to a wooden spit, hung from a metal rack.
That energetic wriggling is back in the next scene, as she's bound into a fold position with bright green plastic and yellow duct tape. Look at her go!
For the next scene, Solé is standing under a tall metal frame, wrapped from waist to ankle in shiny black plastic. More black plastic secures her hand and forearms to a horizontal bar and she squirms sexily as she strains against her bondage.
Finally, our lively heroine finishes up the program with a shoulder to ankle red duct tape cocoon that leaves only her bare feet and perky breasts exposed.
Darla says: "Solé was an awesome model who built up a strong fan base rather quickly. Unfortunately for us, she left bondage modeling for a career in theatre after only a few shoots. I think this video may just be her best!"