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CAST: Angela Stone,Grant Michaels,Jack Venice,Justin Magnum,Michele B.,Michele Lay,Talon,Trina Michaels


RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2020

That's right jack-offs..."anal" as in butt fucking. Not that there's much mystery in who's gonna get butt fucked in these matches, but the fantasy is hot. And the Durango brothers deliver you-are-there shots that take babe butt fucking to new depths. MATCH 1: MICHELE LAY VS GRANT MICHAELS While out and about, playfull Michele and muscle stud Grant Michaels are looking for a place to fuck. Surprise, surprise. They find an unlocked door in the back of Matrock's Hollywood studios. Lots of flirty dirty talk turns to pre-sex play where Michele demonstrates her dominate side. Grant goes along with Michele's fetish fun because he knows where his dick will end up. Both strip slowly until Michele just has to suck Grant's meat cannon. And it's not long before Grant is priming his cannon in both Michele's ass hole and pussy. Grant pulls out just before his shot to be sure his aim is correct....ah yes, his full load gushes into Michele's mouth, MATCH TWO: MICHELE "B" VS JUSTIN MAGNUM The "B" in Michele's name surely stands for breasts....beautiful and bountiful. For her lockerroom workout, Michele strips into a pink bikini covered by short bike tights and a tank top. While excercising Michele is joined on the mat by Justin Magnum. Justin announces "I like my women aggressive, but I'll never give up." Michele playfully punches and prods her Hollywood blond muscle stud. Michele's big breasts escape their tiny pink bikini top, and soon they're butt naked and ready to play loser-gets-fucked. Happily overpowered, Michele sucks Justin's cock to full attention. Michele gets both her ass hole and pussy plowed with gusto. Here again director Durango's camera is your face. And just the way you like it....Justin pulls out just in time to blast his load into Michele's mouth. MATCH 3: ANGELA STONE VS TALON Angela flashes some belly button hardware as she strips to workout shorts and tank for her fuck match with Talon. Talon likes to dirty talk his bitches. "Who's your fuckin' daddy?"...makes it clear who's gonna get their ass hole plowed. Angela dirty talks him right back and the heat is on. This very hot looking couple eventually strip to fuck and immediately Angela's ass hole is taking a pounding from her dirty talkin' "Daddy." Here again, your face is the camera while Angela's butt and pussy holes take a lot of hot meat before Talon shoots all over Angela's stomach. MATCH 4 : TRINA MICHAELS VS JACK VENICE This videos hottest looking couple look like they just came off a California beach. Trina's luscious tits keep popping out of her tiny pink tank top. No matter. Both are out of their gear in short order and ready for action. And the action is anal. Trina's baby butt hole takes the plunge from Jack's rock hard surf board...and they ride the wave over and over. Trina's pussy and ass hole keep Jack's cock afloat til he can't hold it another second.....and he blows his surf's up wad to the enjoyment of both. If you like anal action, this video is a butt fuckin' good time. If you like pussy pounding, this video delivers both. The Durango brothers make sure you get your extreme close up fill of both.