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CAST: Lydia Mclane

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

We open on oh-so-fair-skinned Lydia being dragged into Bryan's dungeon. She is dressed in a simple skirt and top – which you know she won't keep on for long! Sure enough, Bryan begins pulling off her skirt, much to her embarrassment. He ignores her frightened squeals and goes about his business, pawing at her vulnerable body.
After a couple of standing positions and an extreme, hair-tied hogtie that leaves her drooling on the floor, poor Lydia is subjected to an X-frame suspension with most of her weight resting on her thigh and tummy ropes! (PLEASE don't try this one at home, folks.)
A wooden chair tie is made more arduous with a leather blindfold and a buzzing vibrator! Tied "doggie-style" over a short stool, Lydia can't even touch her knees to the floor, then she’s left standing astride a suspended, knotted rope that digs into her poor pussy. Ouch!
Whatever will happen next?